A Future at Home

Tech for Each Room of the House

How do we go about adapting a house so that it is fit for Ageing in Place? What technology can help us with all aspects of making a home the right place to be for the forseeable future?

Adapt My Home: A Room-by-Room Guide

Let’s get our houses ready to host us for the next 20 to 40 years!

We’ve broken down each room according to how we use it most. Some of the information is simply about products that fit the space and some is about ideas and services associated with each area of the house. We look at health and personal AgeTech in relation to the room.

We’ve tried to keep things simple, with a small number of ideas per space. Most are things we really like and have researched for you. Some are simply best sellers. As always, we want your feedback. If you love something, or find something we should add, please let us know.

If something we show doesn’t deliver, let us know about it so we can review and amend our recommendations.



Bedrooms are for fun, relaxing, and sleeping. The bedroom is an important place to start making changes to create a safe and comfortable home.

Graphic of older Man Washing up


The kitchen is where you will find all the cool kids at the party! It’s an important room to consider when future-proofing the house, from easy-access cabinets and appliances to gadgets designed specifically for older people.



Bathrooms are one of the danger areas for falls.  Let’s look at the adaptations, adjustments, and technology that can make this a safer space for us as we age.


Living Room

Living rooms should be comfortable, cozy, and safe. Let’s help you create a living room that’s welcoming, easy to navigate, and a safe place to spend time with your feet up!


Garden and Patio

Do you consider your garden a ‘room’ in your house? We do. There is plenty we can do to make sure the garden is an inviting and safe space to spend time.


Exterior and Drive

Can we make our whole house — inside and out — work for us as we age? Let’s take a look at easy ways to combine a welcoming exterior with safety and security.


Hallway and Stairs

Here we look at how to keep our staircases and doorways safe to use. From doorbells and landlines at one end, to the stair-lift at the other, there is a wide range of options to help adapt this space.


Health and Age Tech

This section brings together all the tech products and services we recommend across the site. It features offers and information to help you find something to fit your needs.