Making a choice – A future in Care or…

A Future at Home

Future-proofing your house, and yourself, for your later years doesn’t have to be complicated. Making informed choices and installing the right technology now will ensure that when the time comes, you can choose between a future in care – or A Future at Home.

The Future at Home Survey

Our survey will help you in adapting your home, and your life, to ensure you can stay in your home for as long as possible.

  • Full of resource ideas

  • Reliable advice and practical tips

  • Products and services tailored to your specific needs

  • Ideas to help us all be more social, or to keep a sense of purpose

  • Complete one for each resident

“I felt it was a very caring, honest, well-informed report. I was surprised at the detail and the variety.” 
Judi, 54, Warwickshire.

I am really impressed with the suggestions and ideas, and how thorough and detailed it all was.” 

Mary, 71, Oxfordshire.

“They have obviously done a serious amount of research on this and it gets a thumbs up from me.”
Ed, 57, Oxfordshire