A Future at Home

Helping my Parents

Its tough when we begin to see our parents’ roles changing from acting as our support systems to needing support themselves. One area parents often need our help is in making decisions about buying or upgrading technology in the home — we believe that this is a great opportunity to begin a dialogue about AgeTech and that this might open up the conversation to other, more sensitive, areas.

Please complete one quiz per parent, or grandparent, as their needs and situations will differ.

The Future at Home Survey

Our survey will help you assist your parents or grandparents in adapting their home, and their lives, to ensure they can stay in their home for as long as possible.

  • Full of resource ideas

  • Reliable advice and practical tips

  • Products and services tailored to our specific needs

  • Ideas to help us all be more social, or to keep a sense of purpose

  • Complete one for each parent