Gifts that Give More

Presents for parents

Buying gifts for parents, grandparents, and other older relations and friends can be challenging. Giving gifts that can help them as they age may come with the best intentions, but self-improvement gifts can carry unintended messages. This page features products that we think are both useful and desireable, but won’t be an obvious push towards healthy ageing or a change in lifestyle. We would love your feedback or  recommendations if you find something we haven’t included or if something isn’t right.

What can I expect?

Our gift ideas don’t include fall alarms and walk-in baths, but they will help make later life better.

One of the key elements of growing older successfully is retaining a sense of curiosity, purpose, and challenge in our life. Many of the gift ideas here complement this philosophy by sparking a new, or rekindling an old, hobby or interest.

You may find that many of these ideas are appropriate not only for only older relatives, but as great gifts for you, your partner, and maybe even your kids.

The Future at Home Survey

Our survey will help you identify gifts appropriate for older people, with a secondary purpose of helping with Ageing in Place.

  • Re-ignite old passions, or create new ones

  • Modern Tech that’s not too challenging

  • Gifts  tailored to their specific needs

  • Gifts with universal appeal

  • Complete one survey for each recipient.