A Future At Home – Disclosure

Our goal for the AFAH community is to offer options and inspiration for adapting our lifestyle and our homes so that we can stay out of care and ‘Age in Place’. None of the articles, content, or products on this site should be seen as medical, financial, or legal advice.

Everyone’s situation is different, so it is important that you contact your doctor before making any changes to your diet, exercise routine, or medical plan.

Likewise, only your financial advisor is qualified to give you financial advice. Please take care of yourself and consult a licensed expert before following any of the advice on this site.

Finally, we may post affiliate links on the site for products that we love. While we may be compensated when you purchase from one of our affiliate partners, you can be confident that we only add products that we have researched and would choose for our own families.


Sometimes we earn a commission if you purchase the products and services that we recommend. This is a type of advertising known as affiliate marketing.

This doesn’t cost you any more than buying the product directly from the advertiser and helps support our work. Our community is frequently offered discounted prices, so in some instances buying via a link on this site can be cheaper than purchasing directly.

We will only ever recommend products and services which we would use ourselves or would recommend to our own families.

We are always open to feedback from the community; if something we recommend receives consistent negative feedback, we’ll reconsider recommending it.